History of Afghanistan
The many decades of war in Afghanistan have eroded much of social and physical infrastructure.Thousands of men,women and children were killed or displaced, the economy virtually collapsed,education institution were closed ,and the countrys political and governmental structures disintegrated.
Most development programes initiated by the governments prior to the war came to a halt.women and children suffer most due to the war.The number of orphans and windows is high and the need for rehabilitation is great.Traditionally Afghan women rely upon their male relatives for livelihood.Afghan custom and culuture have given a distinct possition to women in Afghan society that often confines them to the four walls of their homes and apportunities to take part in productive activities outside are very limited.The vat majonity of women,including war widows,female headed households and orphans now depend on external support for survival.
Much of the middle generation lacks the necessary skills to lead and manage.they are often content to do what they have always done and are unaware of the possibility of a greater and more prosperous Afghanistan. A great need has risen to rebuild the nations physical and socio-economic infrastructure.The country has seen over three decades of war and has finally come to a time and place where this freedom and reconstruction is posiible.
By rebuilding the nations infrastructure we create better livelihoods in many sectors of society:communication,transportation,health care, business development, agriculture, trade, and others. Though employment of the Afghans we are able to build capacity into the nation and instill trade skills that will help to provide economic stability and support for their families.
The current situation necessitates the intervention from the aid community for short and long term reconstruction work in Afghanistan. This work is accomplished through the collaborative efforts from the Afghan government, NEGs, partnering organizations, and donor agencies. AWC is working together with these agencies to facilitate the reconstruction of the nation all across Afghanistan. We are helping to rebuild and restore the nation by hiring Afghans, teaching them partical management and leadership skills, and leading the way though excellence in construction and engineering.
Ahmad Wali Construction Company-A.W.C.C is a fast growing young Construction company specializing in construction services including Building and Roads. Our scope of operations covers a number of geographical locations in the Afghanistan with presentation in Pakistan. 

AWC is rather known as Construction Company in the industry- AWC began its operation in 2005 in Kunduz Afghanistan. AWC ha sexpanded its operation with support of highly qualified personnel with extensive field experience and state of the art equipment. We have done more tahn 50 projects. Our commitment to improve quality of service translated into our clients satisfaction and our double digit annual growth. We provide different type of service with customer base worldwide.
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