The Ahmad Wali Vision
Business Concept
AWC was created to serve Afghanistan by providing construction and engineering services to interested groups and to promote positive economic growth and capacity. The company has worked in all parts of Afghanistan but is especially interested to work in the most needed areas and where projects have not yet been undertaken. We desire to obtain and complete projects that benefit all sectors of Afghan society
Company Profile
Form the last 5 + years, Ahmad Wali Construction Company has provided comprehensive program and construction management services. Since our founding in 2004, we have served a growing clientele including public and private owners, government agencies, developers, utilities and sureties. Throughout our history, our corporate mission has never varied. We are dedicated to helping our clients more effectively deliver their facilities and we are passionate about client satisfaction. At AWC, we are proud of our hard-earned reputation for responsiveness, objectivity and effectiveness. To provide the best possible client service, AWC maintains and expert, professional staff. The staff collectively boasts 15 + years of specialized experience, and many team members have completed advanced technical and management training. At AWC, our success in construction and project management is a result of our proven ability to plan and evaluate construction projects in terms of custom and usage, standard of care, required resources, time and cost. This ability empowers our staff to analyze and manage large, complex and specialized projects, consistently on time and within budget.
Company Profile
The vision of AWC is to serve the nation of Afghanistan by rebuilding the nation's infrastructure while exhibiting excellent construction and engineering techniques. As we expand the company we build capacity and strengthen the nation. We envision continual expansion and positive influence throughout Afghanistan. AWC's plans to have a developed Afghanistan with the quality of construction work. Industry Sector: In our industry sector we will also establish a new department for industrialization in Afghanistan, in which we plan to have different industries like steel re-rolling and manufacturing, cotton industry, residential plazas, match factories, and pharmaceuticals industries for which the feasibilities are already done. Due to these industries there will be more opportunities for employment and skill development.

Education Sector: illiteracy is one of the most important problems our country is faced with. Lack of education results in unbalance, mismanaged society and in the result we have unemployment, terrorism and other social crams. AWC plans to construct and establish a university, because our nation is in need of better education with in the country, so that the new generation gets education in the field of Business Administration, economics, computer science, and technical education.
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