Board of Directors
Company Structure
AWC has Board of Directors which is the ultimate and highest source of decision-makingWhich include the highly qualified and experienced Engineers and Management persons. Our team work and experience is one of the reasons of our double digits growth of the company.
We adopt international management procedures we have weekly and monthly meeting regarding the progress and future in every member of the management staff discuss about their problems and solution. We maintain our accounting system by our qualified finance manager. Finance manager makes weekly and monthly reports so that the finances of the company must be controlled
Executive Body
The Board of Directors is formed by the responsibility of the following sectors:
1. Managing Director
2. Head of Engineering Department
3. Administrative Department
4. Chief Survey and Designing
5. Chief Construction Engineer
6. Road Construction Engineering Department
Our People
Any company is only as good as its employees. Capital Construction Company is very fortunate to have very talented people. Our management team has over 20 combined years of construction management experience. The people at AWC are the reason for the success of the company. We're proud to have qualified and professional engineers on our staff. Our reputation attracts the highest quality personnel, hard-working people who are committed to producing projects that set a standard for excellence. Integrity, innovation and sophistication in constructing a quality project have earned the company high respect throughout the construction industry. 

Mr. Ahmad Wali, the Chief Executive of the Company has 7 years of practical experience in construction especially with international donors. He started his career in construction industry with the background in construction he gave the company a new breakdown, under his command the AWC growth rate increased by 80%. we are proud of him.
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